Russian boxers refuse to compete in Paris Olympic under neutral flag

Russian boxers
Russian boxers

Russian boxers have opted out of the Olympic qualifiers in Italy that began in early March and will also skip the upcoming qualification stage in May to avoid having to compete under a neutral flag, Tatyana Kiriyenko, the Secretary-General of the Russian Boxing Federation, said on March 19.

“Russian boxers will not compete under a neutral flag because they feel they would be betraying their country," Russia state news agency TASS quotes Kiriyenko.

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Since Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, boxers from Russia and Belarus have been allowed to compete in most international event only in a neutral status. However, they are still eligible to compete under the Russian flag at events organized by the International Boxing Association, led by Russian official Umar Kremlev.

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The 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris are scheduled for July 26 through Aug. 11.

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