Ryan Gosling Revealed Emily Blunt’s Perfect Nickname on the Set of The Fall Guy

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If La La Land and The Fabelmans are love letters to cinema, then consider The Fall Guy a love letter to stunt performers. In this action-comedy, Ryan Gosling plays the titular “guy ”who “falls,” performing stunts for a movie-within-the-movie directed by his crush, played by Emily Blunt.

But IRL, Blunt has done more stunts than Gosling, leading to her nickname “Stunty Blunty.”

Gosling revealed the sobriquet during an interview with Today, where he and his costar also shared whether or not their kids would be seeing the film. Both Gosling and Blunt have two daughters apiece with their spouses (Eva Mendes and John Krasinski, respectively), and the way the actors describe it, none of their kids are all that interested in seeing what mom and dad do at work.

Blunt's girls like Gosling insofar as he is Ken to them, while Gosling’s kids just know Blunt as Mary Poppins.

“Stunty” said that she is “so proud and so grateful” to highlight the work of stunt performers.

“You work with these stunt performers and they are so selfless, and I don’t know why they’ve lived in the shadows of sort of us declaring just how vital they are,” she said.

The pair looked excellent at a London screening of the movie, both wearing tailored suits.

<h1 class="title">"The Fall Guy" Special Screening</h1><cite class="credit">Dave Benett/Getty Images</cite>

"The Fall Guy" Special Screening

Dave Benett/Getty Images

Slowly but surely, the public and the media are taking more notice of the incredible work of stunt performers. While accepting the award for Best Fight at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson brought both of her stunt doubles out onstage with her. The Screen Actors Guild Awards honor best stunts by an ensemble in both film and television, and there's been talk of adding the category to the Oscars.

There was even a shout-out to stunts during this year's telecast, presented of course by Ryan Gosling and Emily “Stunty Blunty.”

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