Sacramento man accused of stealing Fire Department truck will remain in custody

The man accused of stealing a Sacramento Fire Department vehicle, leading police on a chase across the city, will remain in custody until at least July 2.

Formal bail review Tuesday in Sacramento Superior Court was delayed to next month as lawyers and the judge work to determine whether Desi Sanchez Jr. should be allowed bail ahead of his trial.

A city-owned F-150 pickup truck was stolen the evening of May 18 from Sacramento Fire Department Station 12, according to the Sacramento Police Department. The truck is used by the department’s emergency medical services captain, fire officials said.

Sanchez, who is also wanted for previous misdemeanor warrants of willful disobedience of a court order, is being held on four felony counts including reckless evading, driving in the opposite direction of traffic, vehicle theft and obstruction of police officers. His bail is currently set at $50,000.

The driver allegedly led police on a pursuit for over an hour, until the vehicle was disabled in Old North Sacramento near Calvados Avenue and Fairfield Street. After he refused to exit the vehicle, officers fired pepper balls into the truck to get him to comply, authorities said.

The bail review will continue during a hearing scheduled for July 2.