This Samsung 32-inch curved gaming monitor is $400 off today

HDR demo on the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8.
Jacob Roach / DigitalTrends

Getting a good monitor doesn’t have to be expensive, even for gamers. This quick-responding gaming monitor is down to just $900 today, from a high of $1,300. It’s the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8, which is still considered to be one of the best gaming monitors of the moment despite having already been out for over a year. To go ahead and pick yours up while it is discounted for $400, go ahead and tap the button below. To see why this monitor has such lasting charm, keep reading.


Why you should buy the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 is a 4K monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms grey-to-grey response time. This, in combination with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, makes action-packed games look smooth and gives you the optimal chance to respond, react, and recover from intense gaming situations. The monitor’s 1000R curve also helps you take in more of the screen’s contents with less effort. Utilizing a matte finish and mini-LED backlighting, everything will look good while you’re playing it, too. Even the monitor’s chassis itself has a sleek, futuristic look, with atmospheric lighting and a glossy rear and side view.

Our resident PC gaming tech expert took a look at the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 near the end of 2022. In the moment, it was “the gaming monitor to beat” and it hasn’t been beaten many times since. At the time, the monitor had a higher price (and was not on sale) so it was recommended solely for those that wanted great HDR and competitive refresh rates and didn’t mind paying extra for the rare combination. At today’s deal price, the story would likely be different.

If this describes your needs in a gaming monitor, go ahead and tap the button below. When you do, should this deal still be on, you’ll find the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 at a price point of just $900. That’s $400 down from its typical price of $1,300. Miss the sale or decide you don’t want a Samsung Odyssey Neo G8? Go ahead and check out our monitor deals collection, which  has dedicated sections for gaming monitors and ultrawide monitors.