Sarah Jessica Parker: I don't like being thin

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't "like being thin".

The 59-year-old actress has admitted that she struggles to put on weight, and she doesn't want to "celebrate" being thin, either.

During an appearance on the 'Glad We Had This Chat' podcast, Sarah explained: "A lot of people have their kind of their cross to bear. I don't like being thin. And if you met my siblings it's the same genetic make up, and I don't particularly think or celebrate being thin.

"I would prefer to have weight but that's just the way my body works."

Sarah made her West End debut in 'Plaza Suite' earlier this year, and the actress found the production to be very physically demanding.

She shared: "The show was so physical. It was a lot that it was like, honestly hard to keep weight on, you know.

"But I generally feel better when I'm exerting something different than just walking."

Meanwhile, Sarah launched 'And Just Like That...' - her 'Sex and the City' revival show - back in 2021.

And the actress previously admitted to having "a very conflicted relationship" with social media, amid a negative response from some fans.

Asked how she dealt with the fan reaction, Sarah told The Hollywood Reporter: "First of all, I’m rarely on social media.

"[Showrunner Matthew Patrick King's] not on it at all. I’m on Instagram, and I have a very conflicted relationship with it.

"Obviously, we’re aware that people have opinions, and there will be peripheral chatter specific to the HBO show. We care that they’re engaged and enjoying it, flipped out, upset, thrilled, devastated, but you can’t have a result in mind and then try to back into it with the writing. That would just be awful. And that would be like riding a bike with a gang of ten million."