Sarah Paulson Stars as a Terrifying Helicopter Mom with Sinister Results in First Run Trailer

Nicholas Rice

Sarah Paulson is making her return to the silver screen.

The official trailer for her latest film, Run, was released Thursday and stars Paulson as an unhinged and overbearing helicopter mom who has a tense relationship with her disabled daughter Chloe, played by newcomer Kiera Allen.

The trailer opens to find Paulson’s character Diane crying as she watches over a premature baby and asks, “Will she be okay?”

Scenes of the American Horror Story actress, 45, and Allen then play across the screen as a voiceover from Allen’s Chloe states, “You do everything for me. You teach me. You cook for me,” before we see her character ask her mother if she is a burden.

“I’m your Mom. It’s my job to take care of you when you need me, and you need me,” Paulson assures Allen. And then the trouble begins.

Mysterious clips from the film splash throughout the trailer as the music intensifies and viewers begin to see that Paulson and Allen’s character’s relationship isn’t as picture perfect as it may seem.

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Allen Fraser

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Paulson revealed where she drew her inspiration from to portray her sinister mother character.

“I drew mostly on my experience watching Piper Laurie in Carrie,” she shared. “Although it’s a different dynamic, it’s still a dynamic that is a very tense one. There’s an element of control, there’s obviously an extreme codependent situation at work there, where you have a young person who is slowly coming into their own and what that causes the parent to feel. I did watch that movie more than once in preparation for this one.”

Paulson also discussed working with up-and-coming actors compared to working with those more experienced.

“Sometimes I think people who are up-and-coming are less straitjacketed by the rules of the road. Meaning, you know, you can be in this business for a long time and you get told time and time again how something has to be,” she explained. “People who are still kind of flying from an instinctual place, I think they tend to be bolder. And I find that extraordinarily exciting, and it encourages the same kind of boldness in myself.”

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Paulson, a frequent collaborator with creative mastermind Ryan Murphy, revealed earlier this year that she will be making a triumphant return to American Horror Story after not appearing in the FX series most recent season.

“I can confirm that I will be in next season,” Paulson told TheWrap. “I have no idea what it will be…But I’m not coming back as a guest part, I will be a central character.”

The theme, title and cast for season 10 have yet to be revealed but FX announced that the hit horror series has been renewed for three more seasons, continuing the show through at least season 13.

Run is set to be released on Mother’s Day weekend on May 8.