Sarah Wayne Callies says a male “Prison Break” star spit in her face

“I would go home some nights and have to spend an hour talking my husband out of going to hospitalize somebody,” Callies said.

Sarah Wayne Callies is reflecting on one of the lowest points on one of her biggest projects.

In a new interview with Rachel Bilson and Olivia Allen on the Broad Ideas podcast, the Walking Dead actress said that remembering the “rampant misogyny” she faced on the Prison Break set made it difficult for her to revisit the show before she began her rewatch podcast Prison Breaking. “I couldn't get beyond the parts that were toxic and painful,” she said.

<p>Unique Nicole/FilmMagic</p> Sarah Wayne Callies

Unique Nicole/FilmMagic

Sarah Wayne Callies

To illustrate her point, Callies shared a distressing story from the series. “I've had an actor on that show spit in my face,” she said. And I was like ‘Holy s---!’ We will get there on the podcast, we will talk about it someday.”

Callies didn’t suggest that the extreme act of disrespect was an isolated incident. “There were things, like, I would go home some nights and have to spend an hour talking my husband out of going to hospitalize somebody,” she remembered.

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Callies suggested that a sudden rise to fame can have a disruptive impact on some actors’ egos. “Some of the guys were great and some of them were totally gentlemen, but when you go from zero to 60, from ‘Nobody knows who I am’ to ‘I'm on the carpet of award shows’ — what's that thing they say, that like, ‘Any fool can handle adversity, you want to test a man's mettle, give him success’?”

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<p>FOX Image Collection via Getty</p> Sarah Wayne Callies on 'Prison Break'

FOX Image Collection via Getty

Sarah Wayne Callies on 'Prison Break'

The actress reiterated that Prison Break wasn’t a wholly negative experience. “So much of it was also great and [I] made lifelong friends and all the things,” she said. “But I wasn't ready to look at it… for exactly that reason: because I didn't want it to send me into a spiral of like ‘What did I let them do to me?’ ‘What did I let them say to me?’ ‘What did I put up with?’ ‘What did I not report?’”

On the Fox drama, Callies played Sara Tancredi, the prison doctor who eventually helps Michael (Wentworth Miller) escape with his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). Callies exited the series after its second season, but returned for the fourth season and the 2017 revival.

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Since the conclusion of Prison Break, Callies has starred on shows like The Walking Dead, Colony, Council of Dads, and The Company You Keep. She has also directed two episodes of Fire Country.

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