Sausage dog eats woman's cheek after attack

Kelly Allen before and after the dog attack
Kelly Allen said she struggles to leave the house and has not gone back to work since her ordeal [PA ]

A mother-of-two said her "life has been ruined" after being attacked by a friend's dog.

Kelly Allen, 45, from Swansea, had part of her cheek ripped off by the tiny dachshund, who then began eating it in front of her.

Ms Allen needed five-and-a-half hours of plastic surgery and more than 40 stitches to treat the open wound on her face.

The dachshund, also known as a "sausage dog", was removed by police and later destroyed.

Warning: This article contains images some readers may find distressing

Ms Allen said her self-esteem has been “absolutely destroyed” by the scar on her face and flashbacks from the attack.

She said the “very friendly” dog had suddenly changed its demeanour and latched on to her face while she had been enjoying a few drinks at her friend's house.

The dog refused to loosen its grip until it had torn off a large chunk of her cheek, she said.

The ordeal still haunts Ms Allen, who said she regularly wakes up crying during the night and has felt unable to return to her job because of the trauma and her physical appearance.

'I feel his teeth in me'

She now struggles to leave the house without being accompanied by one of her two sons, Fletcher, 19, and Cooper, 18.

“I can’t get out of bed and I’ve been crying in my sleep because I feel his teeth in me,” she said.

“I’m left with a hideous scar on my face. It’s just ruined my life, because it will never be the same now.

“I now have to buy camouflage make-up for people who have facial disfigurements – that’s something I never thought I would have to do."

Kelly Allen with an open wound to her face
The dog tore Ms Allen's cheek, then began eating it in front of her [PA]

Ms Allen said she has also suffered financially, as the £350 statutory sick pay she receives each month does not cover her bills and living costs.

She is seeking compensation after learning that the dog had allegedly already attacked two people. But she has been told the process could take years.

Her sister Stacey has launched a fundraising campaign to help her, which has so far raised more than £1,000.

“I’m a single mum and I can’t afford my electric and gas most weeks – it just seems so unfair,” she said.