Save $500 on this Samsung 85-inch QLED TV for a limited time

2023 Samsung QN85C Neo QLED 4K TV.
Samsung / Samsung

Consistently the home of great TV deals, Best Buy has the Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV for $1,800 instead of $2,300. A hefty $500 discount, this is the ideal time to upgrade to a huge TV with fantastic image quality. The $500 saving is unlikely to stick around for long so if you’ve been waiting to buy a new TV, here’s a quick overview of what to expect before you tap that all-important buy button.

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Why you should buy the Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV

Samsung is one of the best TV brands out there and a surefire winner if you plan on committing to a great new TV. It makes some of the best TVs you can buy today with the Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV standing out. Alongside its use of QLED technology, the Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV has Quantum Matrix with Mini LED technology. That means over 30 million pixels so you get exceptional detail with whatever you’re watching or playing.

There’s also a Neural Quantum Processor with 4K upscaling so even if you’re watching something in standard HD, you get upscaled quality which looks great. There’s also Neo Quantum HDR which means spectacular contrast and brilliant colors, with contrast adjusted to best fit every scene. It helps showcase more accurate colors.

When gaming or watching fast-moving action, you’ll also appreciate the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology which means you get smooth performance no matter how fast things get. It’s just what you’d expect from one of the best QLED TVs right down to 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot technology, and color validated by Pantone.

When it comes to audio, the Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV is also great thanks to having support for Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound. It means you can enjoy immersive sound with whatever you’re viewing feeling like it’s surrounding you in all the right ways. It also connects well with other Samsung soundbars for better sound quality thanks to Q Symphony 3.0.

The Samsung 85-inch QN85C Neo QLED TV normally costs $2,300 but right now, you can buy it from Best Buy for $1,800. That means you’re saving $500 off the regular price which makes it a pretty great deal for anyone keen to upgrade their TV to a fantastic new model. Take a look at it now by tapping the button below, before the deal ends soon.

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