Driving conditions remain poor following storm

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Charlottetown wants to extend hours for winter parking ban

The worst of the snowfall has cleared on P.E.I. but there is still work to do on the roads, so public schools in the province have closed for the day.

- See a full list of cancellations on Storm Centre

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UPEI, Holland College and civil service offices are delaying opening.

In addition to the work clearing the roads, CBC meteorologist Brennan Allen said blowing snow will remain an issue Friday.

"There will be quite a bit of blowing snow and some isolated flurries throughout the day," said Allen.

"Those winds aren't in any hurry to quickly die off."

Winds could gust to 60 km/h for most of the day, he said.

Plow dispatchers reported poor driving conditions in much of the province at daybreak.

- Prince County: Still a lot of drifting. The roads are very slippery and the visibility only fair.

- Queens County: Many secondary roads are still just one lane, and even the main highways are still slippery in places.

- Prince County: Blowing snow is a big issue. Roads are icy and visibility fair.

'Close to a metre of snow'

Thursday's storm dropped 18 centimetres of snow at Charlottetown Airport, a little less in the east, but more than 30 in parts of Prince County.

"An absolute pounding in Prince County. They got a lot of snow," said Allen.

"A lot of folks have close to a metre of snow on the ground now."

Once the wind dies down Friday, Allen said P.E.I. should be set up in the last full week of February for quiet weather, with just a few flurries or showers, and mild temperatures.

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