Scuba diver sneaks up on sea turtle peacefully sleeping

Sea turtles are among the most beautiful and peaceful animals on earth. They drift through the ocean with elegance and tranquility. For many who swim or scuba dive in the ocean, encountering a sea turtle is one of the most memorable experiences ever. To share the reef with them for a few minutes on their own terms is a magical experience. Occasionally, scuba divers may encounter a turtle grabbing a snooze on the coral or on the sea floor. A full grown sea turtle has only a few predators and they will rest on the ocean bottom with confidence, even though they may keep their eyes partially open in case a threat appears. With a slow and cautious approach, sea turtles will sometimes regard humans with mild curiosity, or with indifference. This scuba diver slowly descended to the sandy bottom and approached the turtle from the side. Taking his time, he avoided approaching from above, or straight on, as either would possibly alarm the turtle. Once it was clear that the turtle was not concerned, he crawled slowly over the sand, capturing video of the sleepy turtle. The image is zoomed slightly, but the diver was able to rest on the sand only a few meters from this beautiful creature. After getting a close look and a short video, the diver made his way over the sand with a slow crawl so he would not disturb the turtle. Once clear of the area, he lifted off the sand and swam away in search of other sights. This is a Pacific Green Turtle that lives in the waters surrounding Komodo Island in Indonesia. This area is famous for being the home of the world's largest and most ferocious lizards, the Komodo dragons. The waters around these islands are equally exciting to explore and they are home to sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and fish of magnificent colour and indescribable beauty. The underwater world is as mysterious as it is beautiful and we are only beginning to understand the complex life that exists beneath the waves.