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Aliens of the deep

A Tremoctopus gracilis in the waters around Anilao, Philippines. (Photo: Cai Songda/Caters News)

Sea-through: Amazing underwater gallery captures transparent 'aliens' of the deep

Impressive images of these alien-like creatures were captured underwater — photographer Cai Songda is a keen diver and did not miss the chance to snap pictures of the unique “aliens.” Cai, who is from Manila, Philippines, went on several diving trips this year and ended up with this beautiful collection of sea creatures, most of them in the area of Anilao.

Cai loves blackwater diving and photography; he uses special lighting to illuminate his photos, as they are all taken in deep, dark waters. He says: “‘Alien-like’ is certainly a way to describe them, but for me, it’s not all there is to these sea creatures.” (Caters News)

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