Mariners fan creates hilarious signs chirping Canada with Blue Jays in town

Ahead of the Blue Jays' weekend series at T-Mobile Park, Daniel Carroll did some research and put marker to bristol board. (Twitter//@tworsandtwols)

Bringing a sign with a lighthearted dig at an opposing team to a game is nothing new when it comes to professional sports. It’s part of the fun and a fantastic way to get yourself on the venue’s video board.

Every now and then, though, a brilliant artistic creation with a punchy message will catch our attention and rise above the rest. Or, if you’re Daniel Carroll — a fan of the Seattle Mariners — a dozen of his finest bristol board masterpieces.

With the Toronto Blue Jays in Seattle for a three-game series, Carroll knew thousands of his northern neighbours would be making the trek over the border to support their country’s lone MLB team.

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Instead of trying to be louder than the opposing supporters that will be filling up T-Mobile Park throughout the weekend, he’s decided to let his posters do the talking.

Sportnet’s broadcast of Friday night’s contest originally showcased one of his pieces that reminded Canadians of a pretty sensitive fact.

Thankfully, this Twitter user wasn’t salty about the teasing whatsoever and decided to set the record straight.

Much appreciated, Yan. All of Canada thanks you for fact checking. What would we do without you? Based on the photos Carroll posted on Twitter, you might be a busy man over the next few days, though.

Hopefully Blue Jays fans are ready for the smoke because Carroll’s got plenty.

Honestly, I think these are brilliant. One must appreciate the research, design and time that has gone into these. This is clean, clever trolling executed at the highest level.

The composting quip? Sensational.

And comparing Mister Rogers to Mr. Dressup? Just grand. You have to love a chirp at a sports game that doesn’t even involve sports whatsoever.

22 Minutes, a Canadian satirical news program that has been on the CBC for decades, was the target of one of these signs and decided to get in on the fun before the first pitch of Friday night’s game was even thrown.

Carroll has plenty of experience when it comes to this particular activity. In fact, his sign-making ahead of Toronto’s annual series in Seattle has become a bit of a tradition. Back in 2016 he gained plenty of attention on social media for his messages and even chatted with the CBC about them.

"The Mariners are a pretty big deal to me," he said to Karin Larsen at the time. "To say the least, it's annoying to hear, 'let's go Blue Jays' in my house."

Last year, he spoke to Daily Hive Vancouver about his antics.

“I figure with visiting fans in town, you either avoid it, you go and you hate it, or you fight back by making your own fun,” he said, according to Ian Hunter.

Unfortunately, a tweet of 2018’s crop of signs revealed that some of the jokes he’s used for 2019 are recycled.

Regardless, we tip our caps to you, Mr. Carroll.

At the very least, looking at your beautiful signs in the stands and getting a laugh is much better than staring at those awful Players’ Weekend jerseys on the field.

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