'Would like to see him in jail,' says man stabbed 10 times of accused in attempted murder

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'Would like to see him in jail,' says man stabbed 10 times of accused in attempted murder

The man who was stabbed 10 times in a St. John's home invasion last month says he doesn't understand how the man charged in the attack got out on bail before he was even able to give a statement to police. 

Taylor King, 24, said he was asleep at the home of a female friend on Feb. 17 when he woke to the sound of someone breaking down the door.

Next thing he knew, King said he was being stabbed and beaten.

"He already had a knife in his hand and before I could even do anything he already jumped on me and he stabbed me," said King.

"He kicked the shit out of me all over the room and stabbed me a couple more times."

Brandon Coady, 22, was charged with attempted murder and released on bail with orders to stay away from King. According to King, Coady was already on conditions not to contact the woman.

King said he'd never seen Coady before and never exchanged words, but vividly remembers what Coady said to him that night.

"[He said] he was gonna let me bleed out, that his face was the last thing that I was ever gonna see … and that I was gonna die right where I was sitting," said King.

"I don't understand how someone can do something like that and then be released three days later."

'Don't understand how he got bail that quick'

King said he was stabbed three times in the chest, three times in the arm, three times in the leg and once between the toes.

The wounds to his arm have meant a 20 per cent loss in the use of his left hand, and the plastic surgeon told King he will likely never gain back full mobility in the hand.

After two days in hospital, King went to give his statement to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. That's when he found out the man who allegedly attacked him while he slept was already released from custody.

"I don't understand how he got bail that quick. I didn't even give my statement yet and he got out on bail," said King.

"Pretty much you can go stab someone 10 times and go get out on bail two days later for a thousand bucks."

King said he was already on anxiety medication, but now his mental health is "totally shot" and he has to take medication just to sleep at night.

'I didn't do anything'

Coady is scheduled to appear in court again in April, but King said his recovery is harder knowing the accused is out on the streets.

"I would like to see him still in jail, you know what I mean? The RNC are telling me he has conditions and he's not allowed to be anywhere near me, all this stuff, but I didn't do anything for this to happen." 

"I don't care if he got conditions. He's out on bail until April. So an attempted murderer is out on bail for a month and a half."

For the time being, King is staying with his parents, who he said are coping with the incident as best they can.

Because of his injuries, King is off work for at least six weeks from his winter job at Jungle Jim's restaurant.

While his boss there said he can come back whenever he's ready, King said his other work as a contractor is now uncertain.

"I'm not gonna be able to hold a nail anymore. So what I actually do, I'm not gonna be able to do anymore. Now I've gotta figure out what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life."