Serena Williams' Wyn Beauty Wants To Score a Spot in Your Makeup Routine

Tennis pro Serena Williams has officially entered the beauty arena, announcing her new makeup line,Wyn Beauty. Williams is no stranger to making a beauty statement on and off the court, especially early on in her career, as she'd rock braided hairstyles with various colored braids. As she journeyed through her career, Williams also made headlines for her statement nails and eye-catching game attire.

Now, the recently retired star is taking on a new title as beauty brand founder, creating products that you can "move in." Made with clean, high-performing skin-benefiting ingredients, the Wyn Beauty team wants consumers to not only look good but feel good about themselves as well. The brand's website states that the line was "formulated, tested and perfected with deeper skin tones as the starting point," to ensure that there's a shade match for every complexion.

The product's bright yellow-green packaging is reminiscent of the shade of tennis balls and is dubbed "Wyn Chartreuse" and is said to represent energy and audacity. The debut collection contains 10 products, including mascara, lip and cheek pigment, lip serum, eye pencil, skin tint, lipstick, brow pencil, concealer and eyeliner.

Aside from its products, Williams is set on making an impact in the community by working with and supporting organizations that provide maternal health care and services to new mothers. This mission is personal to her, as she had a life-threatening birthing experience when delivering her daughter and has since become an advocate for maternal wellness.

Wyn Beauty's debut collection is available on the brand's website and will launch in Ulta Beauty stores and online starting April 7.

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