SGI offers gender-neutral option for ID

Saskatchewan drivers licences and photo ID cards are becoming more gender inclusive.

As of March 25, you can now choose to put an X under the sex designation on your ID. Previously M and F were the only options.

Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador, which already allow X under the gender designation on their licences and photo ID cards.


SGI said in a press release that anyone of any age can choose this option for free, with no documentation required. You simply need to go to an authorized issuer and request the change.

Last May, a Saskatchewan judge ruled that the province must amend current policy to allow people of all ages to change or remove the gender on their birth certificates. SGI said this decision is in keeping with that ruling.

While SGI offers the X sex designation, it noted that it cannot guarantee a Saskatchewan-issued ID with an X designation will be accepted by other organizations.