Shakira's new record focuses on 'resilience and strength'

Shakira has revealed the inspiration behind her new music credit:Bang Showbiz
Shakira has revealed the inspiration behind her new music credit:Bang Showbiz

Shakira's new album centres on "transforming pain into resilience".

The 47-year-old singer has revealed the inspiration behind 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran', her recently released album.

Shakira - who split from retired soccer star Gerard Pique in acrimonious circumstances in 2022 - told 'Extra': "I think that this album is not only the materialisation of all those ups and downs and also the process, the alchemical process, of transforming pain into resilience and strength, but I also think that my fans have been there sustaining a dialogue with me, you know?

"It’s been amazing, because I don't think I only sing for them and they listen, I think that they also speak to me."

Shakira has actually been able to connect with her fans through her new music.

The award-winning star - who has sons Milan, 11, and Sasha, nine, with Gerard - explained: "In each one of the songs, they have been accompanying me, and this is the result."

Meanwhile, Shakira previously revealed that her "dream" was to spend the rest of her life with Gerard, 37.

The pop star admitted that she's struggled to overcome her heartbreak.

Shakira - who moved from Barcelona to Miami following her split from the retired sports star - told Billboard: "My priority was my home, my family. I believed in 'til death do us part'. I believed that dream, and I had that dream for myself, for my children.

"My parents have been together, I don’t know, 50 years, and they love each other like the first day, with a love that’s unique and unrepeatable. So I know it’s possible.

"My mom doesn’t leave my [sick] father’s side. They still kiss on the mouth. And it has always been my example. It’s what I wanted for myself and my children, but it didn’t happen.

"If life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. That’s what I’m doing: making lemonade."