Sharon Stone reveals she’s fighting to confront her ‘inner demons’

Sharon Stone is “acting out” as she battles to confront her “inner demons”.

The ‘Basic Instinct’ actress, 66, was rushed to the hospital in 2001 after suffering a brain haemorrhage that forced her to step away from her career for two years – and which she says led to her being frozen out of the movie business for two decades.

She has now told the ‘Turkish Tea Talk with Alex Salmond’ show about also fighting mental issues: “We’re all trying to confront our demons, and we’re all acting out – me, too, and trying to figure out how to keep getting back up, keep helping people up even if we put them down, and make sure we’re all back up.”

Sharon, who works with the World Health Organisation, added one-in-10 people “on a global level” are in the grip of a “mental crisis”.

She declared people should be trying to fix themselves instead of relying on political figures for policies that could help them – saying: “To try to say, ‘It has to be our leaders’, well, which leader do you think that’s going to be? It must start with the individual.

“You must stand strong, and when you blow it? OK, so what? That was two steps ago.

“You have to get back up, get yourself together and help whoever you think you bumped around, and keep moving forward – and instant forgiveness.

“Instant forgiveness for yourself.”

Sharon then became emotional when discussing how she used her fame to support marginalised groups, saying about her appearance at an event promoting world peace: “Suddenly, I was like, ‘I’m in the right goddamn room. These are my people.’

“I would stand in the street with these people. I would risk my lives for these people. These people get me, I get them.”

Sharon also said she now spends about 17 hours a day painting and will only return to acting for a role that’s “really powerful and meaningful”.