‘This is shocking’: Sacramento mother accused of abusing child on plane as passengers watched

Federal authorities arrested a Sacramento woman suspected of kicking her 2-year-old daughter on a plane, the latest alleged offense for the woman who also faces accusations she abused her child in Solano County.

Breanna Mistler, 33, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of a misdemeanor charge, assault on an airplane, after prosecutors said passengers saw her kick, backhand slap and throw her child while traveling aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Mexico to Seattle.

The abuse drove the 2-year-old to tears, prosecutors wrote in a court filing, as Mistler allegedly told her to “shut the f--- up.”

Passengers tried to intervene, but Mistler allegedly told the passengers to “mind your f------- business,” according to a court filing.

“Even by the horrific standards of child abuse cases, this is shocking,” federal prosecutors wrote in a court filing. “It is also the second time in six months that Mistler is charged with endangering her child.”

Mistler was prohibited to travel outside the United States after the Solano County District Attorney’s Office charged her with burglary and child abuse, prosecutors said.

Solano County court records show Mistler faces burglary and arson charges filed in December from an incident in Dixon.

Mistler is accused of burglarizing her mother’s home by climbing through her bedroom window and bringing her then-1-year-old daughter with her, according to a court filing.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office said Mistler and her sister slashed tires on their mother’s car and stole three custom-made sweaters worth about $100 each. They also took motor oil, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Mistler and her sister barricaded themselves inside a storage unit and eventually surrendered to authorities.

Customs and Border Protection noted multiple bruises on the child when detaining Mistler. She said those bruises were caused by a dog a week before.

Child Protective Services are helping to place the child with a relative, prosecutors said.