‘Shy’ creatures rarely seen in Hawaii surprise whale watchers near boat. Take a look

A pod of six sea creatures surprised whale watchers in Kona, Hawaii, on April 17. That morning, a boat from Hawaiian Adventures Kona was about ten miles offshore when the crew spotted several tall, sharp dorsal fins with distinct markings.

They were Risso’s dolphins, a species of dolphin rare to see in the Hawaii area, according to the whale watching company.

Risso’s dolphins, also called gray dolphins, are known for their distinct features – their tall, sharp fin and battle scars from fighting with other dolphins. The scars appear like rake marks on their massive bodies, according to Hawaiian Adventures.

Risso’s dolphins can weigh over 1,000 pounds and, according to NOAA, they usually prefer “deeper offshore water.”

“For a species that is known to be quite shy in Hawaiian waters we got some great looks at six individuals,” Hawaiian Adventures wrote in a post on Facebook.

According to Big Island Now, the boat’s crew alerted everyone onboard to the uniqueness of what they were seeing.

“I think they understood the gravity of the sighting,” crew member Olivia Miller told the outlet.

The pod cruised alongside the boat, allowing the crew and excited passengers to take pictures.

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