Sistas Season 7 Returns With Another Paternity Bombshell for Zac and Aaron

After giving fans a few months to process Karen’s ungodly pregnancy twist, Tyler Perry’s Sistas resumed its seventh season on Wednesday, revealing a wide range of reactions to what the eff is happening in that poor woman’s womb.

Karen got the party started by sharing the results of her paternity test with Lisa, who had the perfect reaction to learning that her daughter is pregnant with two different men’s babies: “I don’t understand how that’s possible, but OK!” Karen was less concerned with the science of her freak pregnancy than she was about looking like the town jezebel, but Lisa insisted that having twice as many hot baby daddies can only be a good thing. We’re paraphrasing, but we’re pretty sure that’s the gist of what she said.

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Naturally, Karen relayed this news to Zac and Aaron in the most dramatic way possible, with both men coming over to hear the results in person. Fatima insisted on joining Zac, of course, while Danni also randomly showed up, gleefully grabbing a front seat to the action. The news came as a shock to everyone, and the more Karen tried to explain the rare biological phenomenon, the less they seemed to understand. Danni asked if she was speaking in tongues at one point.

In the end, though, both Zac and Aaron were (surprisingly?) thrilled to learn that they’re going to be fathers. “Mine is mine and yours is yours,” Zac told Aaron, which sounds legally binding enough. (We’d advise Karen to check the legality of Zac’s statement, but we can’t think of a single competent, trustworthy lawyer on this show to recommend. Seriously. Name one.)

Meanwhile, Andi and Fatima couldn’t resist playing detective like a couple of Nancies Drew. After noticing a suspicious blood stain in Gary’s office, they deduced that he must have hurt Penelope, an accusation he vehemently denied. “The only thing I’m guilty of is being fine as hell,” he said — and we defy you to find a jury in America that would find otherwise! We know Gary’s a murderer and all, but is anyone else enjoying how brazenly evil he is? He couldn’t even be bothered to clean up that blood stain before texting Tamara to come to his office and bend over his desk. Which she did, of course.

After waiting a weirdly long amount of time, Andi finally told Jordan that she thinks Gary is responsible for Penelope’s disappearance, but by the time they arrived at the police station to share what they know, Gary had already poisoned the well. That evil, short tie-wearing genius painted Andi as an obsessed ex with a grudge against Penelope, so the authorities weren’t exactly receptive when she and Jordan showed up at the end of the hour.

Elsewhere in the episode, Sabrina mediated a petty office squabble between Maurice and “Bald Spot Becky,” before heading home and getting down to business with Rich; Danni spent an uncomfortable night babysitting Tony’s kids; and Maurice’s new man asked him to become exclusive.

Let’s talk, Sistas fans: Was that midseason premiere worth the wait? Were you surprised by Zac and Aaron’s chill reactions to Karen’s news? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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