Snake found in a tub returned to owner

An abandoned snake has been reunited with its owner after it was discovered Wednesday morning at a northwest Calgary residence.

Fire crews were called to a vacant suite at Ranch Glen Drive N.W. at about 5 a.m. where they found the two-and-a-half metre snake in a bathtub.

Officials initially reported the snake was a python, but a veterinarian later said it is actually a boa constrictor.

Christie and Wade Taylor were sleeping in their basement suite when they heard water running in the vacant suite upstairs. Wade Taylor went into the suite to check on the noise.

"He opens up the curtain and this big, nine-foot snake jumps out at him," she said.

A six-person crew got the boa constrictor aboard the fire truck without incident, officials said.

After it was given a checkup by a veterinarian, the snake was reunited with its owner.

Serena Dobmeier had just moved her possessions out of the suite and was on her way back to pick up her pet after a nap when it caused the commotion, she said.

"I'm really grateful. There are other places where these kind of snakes aren't allowed, they're banned so I am really glad there was someone with a cool head on his shoulders there to take care of [her]."