Snow alert: Ontario, Maritimes expecting up to 30 cm this week

Snow in Toronto. Getty.

Our reprieve from winter weather is over this week as snow and cold temperatures come back with a vengeance to Ontario and the Maritime provinces.

Ontario is going to get hit this afternoon and evening, with snowfall between 10-20 cm in London and Toronto getting about 8-15 cm.

“Roads will be very slippery for tomorrow morning’s commute across southern Ontario,” said Brett Anderson, a senior meteorologist with AccuWeather .

It’s not just Ontario that’s going to feel the wrath of the storm, said Anderson.

“That same storm is going to bring heavier snow to parts of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island tonight into tomorrow,” he said. “Parts of eastern Nova Scotia could see 15-30 cm of snowfall by tomorrow. After the storm, it’s going to get colder across eastern Canada.”

As for the temperatures, our warmer days from last week are a thing of the past.

“There will be several waves of cold, not a sustained blast where it’s going to be cold everyday, but rather two or three waves of cold air coming down from the north over the next seven to ten days or so,” said Anderson.

Tomorrow there will be a high of about -8 around the Toronto area and then another cold shot of air coming in from the Prairies in the middle of the week, explained Anderson. Temperatures in the Prairies will be a high of around -15 around midweek and that cold air gets into eastern Canada by Friday.

“Not record breaking, but still going to be cold,” said Anderson. “Winter’s not done.”