Son of a Critch wraps up production on new season in St. John's

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CBC Television series Son of a Critch has wrapped up production of its second season, with the next instalment of its look at the childhood of St. John's comedian Mark Critch hitting screens this winter.

Critch, creator and writer of the series, plays his own father alongside Benjamin Evan Ainsworth — who plays Critch as a boy — Claire Rankin, Colton Gobbo and film superstar Malcolm McDowell, rounding out the rest of the family.

"It's really great to be back because in the first season I was kind of going home in a way where we were recreating my childhood but in the second season I was going home [by] seeing our wonderful cast and crew," said Critch on set Friday.

"All the kids had grown so much. It's great just to see everybody again. To slip into these characters and situations now that they're fully formed, it makes it far more exciting to get in and get to play with it all again."

After wrapping up his second lengthy filming stint in St. John's, McDowell said Newfoundland and Labrador feels like a second home.

McDowell, who is originally from Leeds in northern England and grew up in Liverpool, said he feels similarities between his childhood home and N.L.'s capital city.

"I've said many times how much I like it here. It's just a fantastic place," he said.

"It has everything I like about a town. It has great restaurants, a wonderful harbour, great places to walk and blueberries on top."

CBC News caught up with Critch and McDowell on one of the last days of filming Season 2. Watch the video above to hear more.

Son of a Critch Season 2 will air on CBC Television and CBC Gem.

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