The Sonos Ace have a stand worthy of their stature

Sonos Ace in matte black and matte soft white.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Funny thing about press events: Products often are presented in a way that often is unattainable to us mere mortals. Maybe it’s a full hotel suite (that most of us couldn’t afford in the first place), or maybe it’s just the little things, like the stand on which the product is presented.

To that latter point, Sonos in fact is selling the stand we saw at its press preview event for the Sonos Ace headphones. They’re decently affordable (though not what we’d consider cheap), plenty impressive — and from a company that’s long made accessories of this ilk.

Meet the Sanus Stand for the Sonos Ace. In addition to the build quality and first-impression impressiveness, they come in the same colors as the Sonos Ace themselves: soft white or black. So you can match things up if you want, or go full panda mode and put your black headphones on a white stand, or vice-versa. The stand is a mix of “premium-grade” steel, with a soft, custom-molded silicone cradle to actually hold the headphones.

Buy at SonosThe stand weighs in at 2.62 pounds. And if that seems a little heavy, that’s actually a good thing. You want a little beef at the bottom end to hold the stand firmly to a desk or table or whatever. Sonos’ product listing notes that the stand is made with “premium material construction.”

And the most important part may be what you don’t see in our initial round of photos. You can finagle a USB-C charger through the base, which really is the sort of cable management you should be doing all the time.

The Sanus stand retails on Sonos’ website for $50. The Sonos Ace headphones themselves retails for $450 on Sonos’ website.