Sound Off: July 3, 2024

Not presidential

I don’t see how anyone could think President Biden is fit for office after his debate performance. What happens when the real bullets start flying and difficult decisions have to be made in real time?

The new cure

The spin on President Biden’s debate disaster was that he was under the weather. Yet he turned around the next day and looked none the worse for wear. So was he sick, or wasn’t he? You can’t have it both ways.

What a choice

You’re telling me my choice for the most important job in the world is a convicted felon, someone who showed up for a debate with seemingly no idea who they are or where they were, or someone who admits to his brain having been eaten by a worm. Democracy!

Bad choices

As a non-partisan Independent voter, I feel that we have bad choices in presidential candidates. A person in Charlotte, N.C., was interviewed and gave a very good comment on the debate. He said that Donald Trump was coherently lying and President Biden was incoherently telling the truth. If these two remain the choices, I would have to pick the incoherent truth teller. How sad that we do not have better choices.

Four more years?

I can’t believe that anyone that watched that debate could come away from it thinking that President Biden could come anywhere close to completing a four-year term. Frankly, I’m not sure how anyone that watched that debate could believe that he’ll make it to November.


A liar accuses others of lying. A cheater accuses other of cheating Why? Because when you do it, you assume everyone else does it too. It’s called projecting.


I take exception with the writers who believe there is little to no traffic enforcement. I live in Long Beach and would invite anyone who believes laws aren’t being enforced to take a trip here, park in a bay on Highway 90 and watch. Kudos to the Long Beach Police for keeping us safe.

The liar

The whole world knows that President Biden lies repeatedly? Donald Trump’s cult followers may think this is true. Ask anyone outside of your cult who lies more; Trump or Biden. Then write a retraction to Sound Off now that you realize that Trump is known around the world for lying, not Biden.

That’s all?

How bad is Donald Trump? President Biden dropped only 1.6% in the polls after his poor showing in the debate. That’s how bad Donald Trump is.

A win-win

After watching the presidential debate, I think both parties should agree to drop their candidates and start over. It would be the best bipartisan decision for the future of our country.

Not a good alternative

All of the Sound Offs so far have been about how awful President Biden was in the debate. One writer said that he is now going to vote for Donald Trump. I understand that Biden did poorly, but how can anyone think that Trump is a good alternative? Did Fox News not mention the numerous lies that Trump told during the debate? Are Trumpers not aware that his boasts and stats were just about all false? How can we have a president that is a serial liar? If you think you are going to vote for Trump, don’t you think his lies are going to affect you? Trump will tell us that we have the best and cheapest health care, so he won’t make it better. Most everything will go that way.


The Supreme Court is deciding whether a gift is a bribe if it was given after a decision is made. Like “ I will pay you later for a favorable decision today”. They are really banking on us being too uninformed to care.

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