Sound Off: June 28, 2024

Also unfit

If convicted Donald Trump was the pilot of your plane would you board that flight? Of course not. If he were your insurance salesman, would you buy from him? Of course not. Don’t pretend he’s fit when he’s not.

Accidental truth?

As Donald Trump wooed Christians in Washington, he tellingly referred to “them,“ not including himself among Christians. “They go to church every Sunday, but they don’t vote.“ That one pronoun speaks volumes, and Christians should be listening.

Begging for money

It is embarrassing enough to be approached in the Ocean Springs Walmart parking lot by people begging for money, but it is happening more often in the store while grocery shopping — people going from one shopper to another begging for money. Where is Walmart’s security? Often these beggars are well-dressed, clean and, in the case I experienced yesterday, the person was carrying a new iPhone.

Saluting Dr. Fauci

The June 26 “Opinion” article about Dr. Anthony Fauci was right on point. It was a fair and objective story of the professional career of this Presidential Medal of Freedom, National Medal of Science, and 62 honorary doctorates, recipient. He’s served 7 presidents and in his new memoirs he could have, and perhaps should have, been critical of Donald Trump. The way Trump vilified him, made him the target of vitriol and worse. Instead, he chose the high road and remains, as always, the consummate professional. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently insulted him at a congressional hearing saying “You are not a doctor.” Well, he’s more an esteemed doctor than she is a politician. We need more people like Dr. Fauci and less politicians like Greene.

Why the leak?

Examining the latest news, we have a leak of a Supreme Court abortion decision. For the second time. Why, you ask? The only issue the Democrats have going for them in this election is advocating for late-term abortion. This leak is about returning an abortion case back to a lower court comes out the day before the big “debate night,” thus giving President Biden a “victory” to weave into his remarks. Someone in the Court system has become the ultimate decision maker on things that the Democrat Party needs divulged. Yep, all by themselves, but I’m sure it was done to save democracy.

He’s not well

I truly can’t understand how anyone can watch President Biden and have any confidence in his ability to come anywhere close to fulfilling another four-year term. If he were my father, we’d be taking away the car keys. As a country, we need to take away the nuclear launch codes.

They pay what?

$20 an hour to clean the the bathroom? Business must be mighty good at Buc-ee’s.

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