Sound Off: June 30, 2024


I turned on the TV expecting the worst. But I’ve gotta give President Biden credit. He didn’t look a day over 105.

So bad

Ok, Sound Off. Put some lipstick on that pig of a debate performance, won’t you?

A disaster

What did I just watch? President Biden wants to serve another four years? There can’t be any Democrats that think that is a good idea.

Who’s next?

Reading the tea leaves you can see the Democrats must find a way to ease ol’ Joe out of the presidential race. Unfortunately, they’ll have to go through Kamala, “The First Black VP,” and when doing so trip over all their DEI propaganda. I bet everybody in the party now regrets not letting Robert Kennedy run as a Democrat earlier this year. Look, only 129 days to the election and they are stuck between a rock and a DEI. Who will ride in on her white course and save Marxism for America? Yes, I wonder who she will be?

Unfit for sure

Now the entire world knows President Biden is unfit to lead America. The debate proved that. The ‘Unfit’ Sound Off nailed it.

Road ‘work’

I’ve lost count. Is this the fourth or fifth week in a row that the Highway 49 project in Orange Grove has had absolutely no work being done? Not a single person working. It appears the highway department issues contracts with no completion date penalties.

No parking

Anyone who has ever tried to find parking at Memorial Hospital knows what a nightmare it is. I am handicapped and have a parking placard but sometimes it takes 30 minutes or more to find an open spot that is not a mile away. Adding to the problem are those who never learned how to park between two lines. Are they blind, stupid or just so above the rest of us that they think they are entitled to two spots? If this is you, wake up and have a little consideration for others.

No, Joe

I watched the debate all the way through. I expected President Biden to be fully rested from his Camp David vacation, I expected him to be “pumped” on stimulants and I expected Joe to be at least prepared. Jeez, guys, what I saw was a weak loser. I hope our enemies were not watching or we’re in for a rough fourth quarter. Pass me the Donald Trump sign, it’s our only hope.

Good AI

Finally a really good use for artificial intelligence. Let’s create a real-time fact-check device that can give us a BS alert in situations like this week’s presidential debate.

Even the sound was bad

Did some computer hackers break into the CNN studios before the presidential debate and destroy the sound system and production tapes? The sound during the debates was so scratchy and irritating to listen to. Perhaps CNN will be forever known as the “TinCan” Network. Some sound engineers at CNN may be looking for new jobs next week.

Save the children?

The crisis that children are suffering in Gaza could be solved immediately if Hamas would surrender. And the crisis would not have occurred in the first place if Hamas had not attacked Israel on Oct. 7.

Isn’t that defunding?

Republicans want deep cuts to federal law enforcement. How is that different from Defund the Police? It’s like they can’t keep up with what they are for or against.

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