Sound Off for June 7, 2024


Supporters of Donald Trump are calling for punishment for the jurors, judge, prosecutors and anyone else responsible for his conviction. They’ve gone from storming the Capitol to calling for executions. We don’t have to worry about violent immigrants because the violent criminals are already here.

Captivating criminals

Many Americans, for centuries, have been thrilled and captivated by colorful criminals: Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker, Jesse James, John Gotti, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Al Capone, John Dillinger, Whitey Bulger, the QAnon Shaman, and more. In November we’re going to find out how many Americans are still enthralled by colorful criminals.

Gulf fish

Mary Mahoney’s was using Gulf fish. It was just from the Gulf of Tonkin.

Slap in the face

Reading about Mary Mahoney’s buying foreign fish and labeling it local and fresh seafood is so disappointing and a slap in the face to not only the local fisherman but the Croatian people that fled here to make a better life in the seafood industry.

Not so free

Looking at all the “free on us” cell phone “deals,” I wonder how they get away with it. The cellphone deals are only good if you trade in a cellphone worth what the new cellphone is worth, otherwise they charge a monthly fee to cover the cost overage on the new phone. If car dealers advertised a free, new Chevy “on us” but then said you had to trade in last year’s Cadillac to get the deal, the Federal Trade Commission would descend on them like a rock. I got sucked into one of these come-ons once. When the dust settled, I had to write a check for $400 just to get back to where I was before the “free” phone. FTC where are you?

Lies, lies and more lies

I have written into Sound Off repeatedly about people making false statements as truth because they did not do the research. Yet people keep doing it because their right-wing cable news keeps reporting lies. Both FOX News and Newsmax have been censured for telling lies several times, yet people still cling to the lies and report them in Sound Off. If you want to make a point, please take a minute to fact check it.

Both should go

It would be wonderful for the country if President Biden would be the bigger man and say to former President Trump: I’ll withdraw from the race for president if you will.

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