Sound Off for May 20, 2024

More money

Just saw an interview with our Vice President, advocating a program that would give first-time homebuyers $25,000 toward the purchase. So not only are the taxpayers being asked to pay off student loans, but we’re also asked to put up $25,000 for someone to purchase a home. I am sure that will bring inflation down.


Kudos to Biloxi Catholic Charities and Mayor Gillich for addressing the homeless needs by utilizing the old Mercy Cross facility. Years ago, I recall the mayor proposing a similar plan with and abandoned school building, only to be denied by the City Council. Thank you Catholic Charities and Mayor Gillich for finding at least a partial solution to care for those in need.


I had to look at the heartwarming, front-page story about caring for the homeless at a closed high school building with a questioning suspicion. The Catholic Charities organization that’s setting this up is, basically, a Biden administration owned, bought and paid for NGO that is responsible for bringing illegal aliens across our border and transporting them unannounced across the country. The choice of location with easy and immediate access to the interstate was probably not done to accommodate homeless people. However, it will be great for bus loads of people being surreptitiously moved around the country. Border Patrol needs to set up a checkpoint at the entrance.

Big lie

Stop the steal? There never was a steal. There was only a big lie. And the liars are still at it, trying to gaslight people into believing it. It’s a nothingburger. You want to vote for Donald Trump for other reasons? Fine. State and defend them. But don’t endorse his shameful election lie.

What’s going on?

What is the underlying cause of all the recent shootings in Gulfport? Is it gang-related violence? Drug-related? These are senseless deaths and the problem seems to be getting worse. I’m starting to consider areas of Gulfport to be more dangerous than the Ninth Ward in New Orleans. My heart goes out to the families who are losing these young men to violence. How and when will it stop?

You first

Why do bigots always tell non-whites to go back to where they came from even when they were born here? Everyone originated from somewhere else. Why don’t they go back to Europe, or move to a majority white country if they don’t like diversity?


I don’t have a problem with either candidate being drug tested before the debates but I also hope they check(especially one candidate) for a small earbud microphone- just to make sure no one gets “help” with the answers

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