Sound Off for May 23, 2024


If the minimum-wage-only employers have convinced your families that you have no future but failure, then the success of a graduation is something to blast air horns about.


Why would you not want bans on assault rifles and stricter background checks? This will not affect law-abiding gun owners. Anyone wanting a gun should be vetted. Felons can’t own guns, so why should mentally unstable persons be allowed to own one? Criminals will buy illegally, but there are laws against it. So should persons who are not properly identified. Like when we vote.

Pot and kettle

Saying Democrats stick together no matter what and lie all the time is hilarious. Thieves think others will steal, cheaters think others cheat and liars accuse others of lying. The Republican Party has become a syndicate with allegiance to a gangster boss.

Under oath

Any defense or rebuttal of charges against Donald Trump is only valid if it is presented as evidence under oath. Any other “news” is just chatter. This does not include pleading the Fifth or saying, “I don’t remember.”


The Sound Off that was so cynical of the attempts by the Catholic Charities for helping the homeless is appalling. Joe Biden doesn’t own Catholic Charities, they have existed under many presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike. To suggest the Mercy Cross location was selected because it was near the interstate, and more homeless could be bussed in is nonsense. If you are so paranoid about a homeless conspiracy, perhaps you could invite some of them to dine at your house, assuming you don’t live near the interstate. This NGO does great work for many unfortunate people. Offer to be a volunteer and you can draw your own conclusion.

Selective complaints

Why is it that people complain about money being used to help people here? Especially since money is allocated all over the world to everybody else. And don’t get me started on incentives for big businesses. Student loan forgiveness and homebuyers’ incentives are a drop in the bucket, comparatively. Y’all are always whining about someone taking something from you.


I try to keep up with all the news, and never once have I heard one Muslim condemn the obscene things that Hamas in its attack on Israel. Are they all that evil and radicalized? I hope not.

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