Sound Off for May 28, 2024

Front page

What a beautiful and meaningful front page in your electronic edition this Memorial Day. Thank you.

Money for nothing

My goodness what a huge success for Gulfport. Already in the hole for broken glass to the tune of $35K and counting. Imagine paving a road for the taxpayers. No, just keep spending and getting re-elected.

Mercy Cross Center

Thank you Catholic Charities and Mayor Gilich for responding to our homeless veterans and others in need in the community.

Hung jury

Republicans can relax, Donald Trump will not be found guilty. It takes all 12 jurors to convict. You can’t get 12 people to agree on anything, let alone with two lawyers serving as jurors who can seek historical fame and notoriety as the ones that saved Trump’s bacon. The prosecution presented 22 witnesses, Trump’s defense team presented only 2. So while he’s guilty of sexual assault and adultery while his wife was pregnant, he’ll escape this trial with a hung jury. This case stole valuable time from the many other more critical cases pending and the clock will run out as his self-appointed judges have stalled his prosecution.

A history lesson

You don’t have to be proud, but you do have to be aware of reality. The U.S. had witnessed the Japanese tendency to fight or commit suicide on the islands leading up to the mainland of Japan. Women carried their babies and jumped off cliffs rather than surrender. They died to the last man, woman, and child. Knowing this, the U.S. made the tough decision to save lives by dropping the atomic bombs. The bombs were dropped on industrial targets that yes, had civilians. The deaths that day, though tragic, saved more than ten times as many lives that would have been lost on both sides with a mainland invasion of Japan, which would certainly fight to the last man, woman, and child. We need to go back to teaching history. Not teaching “How to hate your country” revised, liberal history.

Those new agents

Remember that fuss the Republicans made about new IRS agents? This came about because, in 2017, the IRS had already made settlements and admitted that it unfairly targeted conservative groups with enhanced oversight, while ignoring liberal groups. This will be news for most liberals, because they are not allowed to know these things. Biden’s IRS can “claim” whatever they want. Just like Joe Biden can claim he drove an 18-wheeler, that Obama sent him to deal with COVID, that he was arrested trying to see Mandela, and that his uncle was eaten by cannibals. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Tramway damage

Don’t find fault in the “decision makers” for the glass material they chose to use for the tramway panels. The blame lies in the individuals who did the damage and are being destructive just because they feel like doing it. I hope that someone comes forward and identifies the suspect in this case and that justice will be served.

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