South Park parodies Ozempic craze as Eric Cartman advised to lose weight

South Parkwill satirise the Ozempic weight loss drug craze in the US in its next special, Paramount+ has revealed.

In a new trailer released on Wednesday (15 May), Eric Cartman, who is often ridiculed for being overweight in the animated adult comedy series, is told by a doctor that his weight is spiralling out of control and that he needs to get on semaglutide, which is the diabetes medication sold by the brand Ozempic.

“It’s time for some drastic measures to bring down his weight,” the doctor says.

But when Cartman is denied access to the medicine, he recruits Kyle, Stan, Butters and Kenny for help and the group run scientific experiments wearing lab coats and goggles. One clip sees Cartman sitting on a lab table as the group studies the periodic table.

“We’ve been out navigating the American healthcare system,” says Butters. “I almost died!”

The episode points towards the recent surge in popularity of weight loss injections, sold under brand names such as Wegovy, Ozempic and Rybelsus, in both the US and UK. The drugs are intended for people with type 2 diabetes but recently Hollywood celebrities such as Rebel Wilson and Sharon Osbourne have publicly admitted to taking the medication for off-label weight-loss purposes.

Kate Winslet is one of several celebrities to speak out against Ozempic, calling the weight-loss medication “terrible” as she reflected on years of public scrutiny of her body.

South Park’s Eric Cartman in the weight loss lab (Paramount+)
South Park’s Eric Cartman in the weight loss lab (Paramount+)

The End of Obesity marks the seventh South Park special for the service, which started with Post Covid in 2021. That was followed by Post Covid: The Return of Covid, The Streaming Wars, The Streaming Wars Part 2, Joining the Panderverse and the most recently, Not Suitable for Children.

South Park, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022, has been renewed on Comedy Central until 2027, which will take the longest-running scripted series on US cable TV into its 30th season.

South Park: The End of Obesity will air on 25 May on Paramount+.