Spade tattoo clue to $20K St. John's jewelry fraudster

Spade tattoo clue to $20K St. John's jewelry fraudster

Police are releasing more information about a man accused of stealing $20,000 in merchandise from multiple St. John's jewelry stores — and believe he may be after more.

The man in question targeted at least three jewelry stores in the metro area this month, and purchased jewelry using a prepaid credit card. Police said he also targeted a separate retail store. 

According to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, the businesses were notified days later that the transactions were fraudulent. 

The man is described as between five feet nine inches and five feet 11 inches tall with an average build. He's said to have arm tattoos — specifically, a "spade-like tattoo" on his left hand.

 He reportedly used the names Ian Nelson and Derick Parker, which police believe to be aliases. 

The RNC said the man claimed to be from British Columbia and told store staff he was staying at a St. John's hotel.

Police are warning businesses, especially jewelry stores, to report all suspicious activity.

Anyone with useful information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.