SPCA temporarily extends animal control service past March 31

Judge grants Montreal pit bull owners more time to complete permit paperwork

The Montreal SPCA is temporarily extending its animal control services with several city boroughs beyond March 31 because of uncertainty over how stray animals will be taken care of if the agency cuts off all ties with the city administration. 

The SPCA said Thursday it had no choice but to act.  

"Tomorrow citizens don't know where stray animals will go," said SPCA spokesperson Anita Kapuscinska on CBC's Radio Noon. "They're very concerned about that, and we are, too."

The SPCA announced last December it would eliminate dog control from the services it offers because of its opposition to the Coderre administration's restrictions on pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs.

New SPCA contracts?

Despite the SPCA's battle with the city over its pit bull ban, the agency says it would be willing to sign new animal service contracts if the city agrees to strict conditions.

The SPCA's main grievance with the new animal control bylaw has been its concern that it may be be forced to euthanize healthy, behaviourally sound dogs simply because they are pit bulls or look like pit bulls.

​Kapuscinska said the SPCA is in negotiations with five of the nine boroughs it serves, trying to come up with new contracts both the agency and the boroughs can live with.