Special week set aside to honour, recognize seniors

Seniors are the greatest treasure of every family, society and nation, and Northern Sunrise County/Nampa Family and Community Support Services is set to celebrate them during Seniors’ Week in early June.

The week will feature many events from June 5-15 throughout the region. FCSS director Amber Houle says she hopes everyone comes out to celebrate the mature members of our society.

“Participating in Seniors’ Week helps recognize and appreciate the significant contributions seniors have made and continue to make in our society,” says Houle.

“It is a time to acknowledge their wisdom, experience, and the roles they play in families and communities,” she adds.

Houle says this week also helps to ensure our seniors have a chance to get out of their houses to visit friends, family and other members of the community.

“For many seniors, social isolation can be a significant issue,” she says. “Seniors’ Week events provide opportunities for social interaction, helping to reduce feelings of loneliness and improve overall well-being.”

The week will include everything from cultural events and performances to recreational outings and social gatherings.

“It’s a chance for seniors to relax, have fun, and participate in activities they enjoy,” Houle says.

“It is also an opportunity to connect seniors with support services and resources they might not be aware of,” she adds.

June 5 will kick off the week with a Wheels to Meals catered meal from noon to 1 p.m. Enjoy a hamburger with potato wedges for only $8 (if picking up the meal) or $10 for a delivered lunch. Register by calling (780) 625-3287.

The same day there will also be a Seniors’ Week Strawberry Team from 2-4 pm. at the Café du Coin in St. Isidore.

“Seniors have contributed significantly to our communities throughout their lives, whether through work, raising families, volunteering, or community involvement,” explains Houle.

“Recognizing their contributions honours their efforts and achievements.”

June 6 will feature a Coffee and Catch Up at McKinney Hall where seniors can have a coffee, treat and catch up with their neighbours from 9-11 a.m.

Afterwards, there will be a Nampa Seniors’ Week Luncheon and Golf at the Heart River Golf Course from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. This will feature a hamburger and fries at the clubhouse, followed by nine holes of golf courtesy of FCSS and the golf course. To register for the meal call (780) 322-3954 and for golf (780) 322-3977.

“Recognizing seniors also promotes a culture of respect and inclusion,” Houle says.

“It helps combat ageism, encouraging a more inclusive society where people of all ages are valued, and respected. Recognition can encourage seniors to stay active and engaged in their communities, leading to healthier lifestyles and better overall well-being.”

Wrapping up June 6 is the Seniors’ Week Supper and annual general meeting at the Club du Bon Temps. This event will begin at 5:30 p.m. For more information call (780) 618-8483.

“Seniors provide valuable insights into the past, offering perspectives that help us understand how our communities have evolved,” Houle says.

“With age often comes wisdom. Seniors can offer guidance and advice based on a lifetime of experiences.”

To wrap up the week, McKinney Meet the Seniors’ Dinner will be held at the Three Creeks McKinney Hall starting at 5:30 p.m. Enjoy a supper in celebration of Seniors’ Appreciation Week. All ages are welcome to attend. Call Bobie for more information at (780) 618-4871.

“Please share our Seniors’ Week events with your senior contacts,” says Houle. “We want to ensure that the seniors are aware of all the programs, events, and services we have to offer.”

Emily Plihal Local Journalism Initiative Reporter - South Peace News - southpeacenews.com

Emily Plihal, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, South Peace News