Spotify will start showing you personalized banners and messages based on your listening habits

The new campaign gives the service a way to present data outside of its Wrapped' year-in-review.


Spotify has launched a new campaign that's meant to make users' audio streaming experience on the platform even more personalized. The "My Spotify" initiative will show users home page banners and personalized messages within the app that contain information about their listening habits, along with links to mixes that they'd presumably enjoy based on those habits. In one of the examples above, for instance, Spotify presented a user with a banner that links to a Doja Cat mix, because they've listened to the rapper's tracks 58 times over the past month.

The service showed the user a banner that links to a DJ mix of Go Gina in another example, demonstrating how the messages can be personalized for every listener. A My Spotify banner or message could also link to the "Made For You" hub, where users can find personalized playlists, podcasts, features and recommendations based on their activity on the app.

My Spotify gives the service a way to present users with data of their listening habits around the year, outside of Wrapped. The company's year-in-review feature only goes live during the holiday season, and it takes over social media when it does. It's not quite clear if users will also be able to share their My Spotify messages and banners on social networks. Spotify also didn't say whether it'll make its way to everyone on the app in the future — it only announced that the feature "will appear first" in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand over the next several weeks.