Spotify’s HiFi plan could finally arrive this year, but you may need to pay extra

It will cost at least $5 on top of a Premium subscription, according to Bloomberg.

REUTERS / Reuters

Spotify first revealed its plan to roll out a high-fidelity option for music streaming some years ago, but that still hasn’t come to pass. This may finally be the year when the company’s HiFi streaming goes live, but you’ll likely need to pay extra for the privilege.

HiFi streaming is expected to arrive by the end of 2024 and it will be an add-on that costs users at least $5 more per month on top of an existing plan, according to Bloomberg. That's in addition to a Premium price increase that takes effect next month. As such, individual users who want to listen to high-fidelity music on Spotify may need to pay at least $17 per month, unless they're fortunate enough to be on the $6 student plan. It's not clear if the HiFi add-on will be available to those on the free tier.

HiFi audio is already factored into Apple Music ($11 per month for individuals) and Amazon Music Unlimited ($11 per month for those without Prime). It was a key selling point for Tidal at the outset of that service, which also now costs $11 per month. That places Spotify, which said in 2021 it would roll out its HiFi plan that year, well behind its rivals on that front.

That said, the so-called "Supremium" add-on is said to include other features, like an option to spin up custom playlists in a flash based on specific activities, dates and times of the year. Bloomberg reports that Spotify's tech will adjust playlists based on a user's behavior and eventually automatically create playlists without any input from them.