Sprinkle Jell-O Mix On Grapes For The Ultimate Frozen Snack

Green Jell-O frozen grapes
Green Jell-O frozen grapes - Consolvo Images/Shutterstock

When the weather starts warming up and chilly winter days start turning into hot and sunny ones, there's nothing like a cold, sweet snack to cool you down. A couple of favorites include ice cream and easy homemade healthy popsicles, but there's another fun and refreshing snack you can try instead — Jell-O frozen grapes.

Unlike other Jell-O desserts, you don't have to prep the powder first, either. Instead, this treat involves sprinkling the mix on grapes and freezing them to create bite-sized, flavorful frozen goodies. That also means they're incredibly easy to make and relatively quick.

To put this snack together, all you have to do is wash your grapes and pop them in a ziplock bag. Then pour in a packet of Jell-O mix and shake the whole thing up so the powder coats the grapes. Lastly, just pop them in the freezer until the grapes are frozen solid, and grab a handful or two whenever you feel a case of the munchies coming on.

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Tips For Making Jell-O Frozen Grapes

Bowl of frozen grapes
Bowl of frozen grapes - Rui Elena/Shutterstock

Although making this snack is easy, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind. For starters, you'll need to wash the grapes before you toss them with the Jell-O mix. The trick here is not to dry them off. The water will help the powder stick to the grapes, leading to a thicker coating and ultimately, more flavor.

Another thing to think about is what flavor of Jell-O mix you'll use. You can go with any you like, but some may complement the taste of the grapes more than others. A citrusy flavor, for instance, can balance out some of the sweetness of the fruit, while going with melon can lend to more sugary flavors. You can also choose sugar-free options if you prefer. Just remember that you want gelatin here and not pudding mix.

Finally, another tip is to lay out the grapes on a baking sheet or tray once you've coated them in Jell-O powder. This helps avoid them sticking together, making them easier to grab one by one. Once they're fully frozen, you can place them in a bowl to free up space in your freezer without worrying about them clumping.

Variations On Frozen Jell-O Grapes

Frozen berries
Frozen berries - Stefan Tomic/Getty Images

Once you've mastered the art of making this snack, you can start to play around with other variations. Some of the absolute best fruits to freeze are blueberries or raspberries since they're bite-sized. You could also use peeled and chopped mango, peaches, or pineapple. Fruits with a higher water content, such as apples or watermelon, will lead to a more icy snack, so keep this in mind as you choose what to pop in the freezer.

Another variation you can try is to use a different liquid to help the Jell-O powder stick to your grapes. While plain water works just fine, you could also give them a sour twist by using a bit of lemon juice. Or make a boozy edition by pouring in a dash of red or white wine as the adhesive instead. Feel free to experiment with different juices and liquids to come up with a combination that works well, and enjoy a refreshing and delicious snack.

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