Stephen Colbert Trolls Trump Over 'Pathetic' Ego-Boosting Tactic

Stephen Colbert on Thursday poked fun at Donald Trump and the former president’s aide who has been dubbed the “human printer” for her role in lifting his spirits during his hush money trial.

Natalie Harp is equipped with a portable printer to provide the presumptive GOP nominee with paper copies of positive news articles that he then waves in front of the press outside of court, the “Late Show” host noted.

“Well, I think it’s pathetic that it’s somebody’s entire job to provide the big man with ego-boosting compliments,” declared Colbert.

“Thankfully, I am the kind of secure, confident boss who does not need that. At least that’s what they are saying in all my printouts,” he added, before his own aide arrived on stage to deliver his “happy page.”

Watch Colbert’s full monologue here: