Subway Introduces Footlong Churros, Pretzels and Cookies at Stores Nationwide — and We Tried Them

The line of Subway Sidekicks, consisting of footlong cookies, Cinnabon churros and Auntie Anne's pretzels, will be available nationwide on Jan. 22

<p>Courtesy of Subway</p> Subway adds three footlong snacks to menus nationwide

Courtesy of Subway

Subway adds three footlong snacks to menus nationwide

Subway’s footlong subs have met their match.

The sandwich chain announced three new, extra-long menu items: Cinnabon footlong churros, Auntie Anne’s footlong pretzels and footlong cookies. The snacks, which are available starting Jan. 22, are in a brand new category for the fast casual spot called Subway Sidekicks — but they deserve main-character attention.

The 12-in. chocolate chip cookie ($5) has the same classic taste of the beloved cookies that Subway has sold for years (previously in typical circular-shaped and individually-sized varieties).

<p>Courtesy of Subway</p> Cinnabon's footlong churro

Courtesy of Subway

Cinnabon's footlong churro

Some fans got to try the footlong cookies when the treat popped up in select stores for National Cookie Day in 2022 and 2023 but this is the first time it will be available for customers nationwide. And don’t fear, the footlong treat is not replacing the regular cookies, they will remain on the menu.

The Cinnabon footlong churro ($2) is served warm with a topping of Cinnabon’s cinnamon and sugar mix.

<p>Courtesy of Subway</p> Auntie Anne's footlong pretzel

Courtesy of Subway

Auntie Anne's footlong pretzel

The only savory Sidekick — Auntie Anne’s footlong soft pretzel ($3) — is buttery and salty, like the food court favorite chain, and can be dipped in Subway’s honey mustard.

PEOPLE got a first-taste of the line of large snacks and certainly left with a full stomach. Our testers dove into each Sidekick, all of which smelled delicious and similar to a mall food court (in the best way). But boy, oh boy, a footlong cookie, churro or pretzel is a hearty snack!

<p>Courtesy of Subway</p> Subway's footlong cookie

Courtesy of Subway

Subway's footlong cookie

The churro had a nice crunch and plenty of cinnamon sugar but didn’t scream Cinnabon in the same way that the pretzel did Auntie Anne’s. The footlong pretzel’s chunky bits of salt were nicely balanced with the honey mustard dipping sauce. We think Subway’s roasted garlic aioli or peppercorn ranch would also pair well with the pretzel.

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The cookie was our favorite, just as gooey and decadent as Subway’s cookies have always been. Testers thought it would be wise to bring the cookie home, top with ice cream and serve to a dinner party as a big ice cream sundae. Our only complaint was that it doesn’t come in all the other non-footlong cookie flavors, like white chip macadamia nut or double chocolate.

<p>Subway</p> Subway phased out pre-sliced deli meat in 2023


Subway phased out pre-sliced deli meat in 2023

While Subway is kicking off 2024 with these major menu additions, 2023 was also a huge year for the fast food restaurant.

The sandwich spot confirmed to PEOPLE about the plan to do away with the pre-sliced meats last February. Throughout the summer, the company installed deli meat slicers in 20,000 locations, costing the brand a whopping $80 million. (The meats were previously delivered and served pre-sliced.) The automatic machines were reportedly "gifted" to franchised restaurants in the U.S.

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