'Suits' Fans "Can't Wait" After Original Cast Members Announce They're Revisiting the Series

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'Suits' Stars Excite Fans With Reunion NewsGetty Images

Who's ready to get back into the world of Pearson Hardman? Well, if Patrick J. Adams and Sarah Rafferty (who portrayed Mike Ross and Donna Paulsen) have their way, fans will dive back into the Suits universe in a way they didn't expect.

Less than a year after the USA Network drama saw a resurgence on Netflix in June 2023, fans will get to see Patrick and Sarah regale what it was like to film Suits in the form of a podcast. According to an April 2 report from Deadline, the duo are teaming up with SiriusXM to launch a rewatch podcast series, which will see them discussing behind-the-scenes anecdotes while breaking down every episode from the show's nine-season run. What's more, the two will talk to former cast members and crew, along with some friends and longtime fans of the series.

The day after news broke on April 3, Patrick confirmed the announcement on Instagram.

"I've never watched Suits. I've seen a handful of episodes, but found it got me in my head and made me more insecure while we were in the throes of making it so just backed away," he wrote. "But this summer, watching so many people discover it again, really made me realize I would be crazy not to go back and see what came out of those years and years of laughs and tears and early mornings and long nights. And I can't fathom anyone I would rather walk through it all again with than @iamsarahgrafferty, my sister from another mister and the best scene partner you could ever hope to have."

Upon hearing this collaboration between Patrick and Sarah, fans immediately got excited by what's to come from the Suits rewatch podcast.

"You two are definitely the best duo for the job 😭♥️," one person exclaimed. "This is epic man, can’t wait 👏," another wrote. "Gah! That’s so fun! Congrats and best of luck!" a different follower added.

As for how Patrick and Sarah feel about the podcast, they told Deadline they're thrilled to work together again.

"On the heels of the record breaking Suits resurgence, it feels like the perfect time to rewatch the show that changed our lives," they said in a statement. "We are thrilled to collaborate with the incredible team at SiriusXM and look forward to connecting with our friends from the cast and crew, as well as the Suits fans who made it all possible."

While the news of Patrick and Sarah reuniting for a podcast is thrilling, fans want to know more about the future of the franchise. With the Suits L.A. spinoff currently in the works, we're crossing our fingers they'll make an appearance!


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