Survey ranks Studio Ghibli films with the most delicious-looking food


In a survey by Japanese firms Nexer and Hachimenroppi, 500 participants ranked Studio Ghibli films based on how appetizing their food scenes are.

“Castle in the Sky” topped the list due to Pazu's memorable creation of “Laputa bread,” featuring fried eggs on toast, with “Spirited Away” following closely for its diverse dishes like Haku's rice balls and Chihiro’s parents’ meal with meat. “Kiki’s Delivery Service” ranked third for its bakery scenes with bread, coffee, chocolate cake and herring pie. “My Neighbor Totoro” came fourth, noted for Satsuki’s bento and fresh countryside produce, while “Howl’s Moving Castle” completed the top five, highlighted by Calcifer’s bacon-and-egg combo.

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