“Survivor 46” finale exclusive deleted scene shows 'final several minus 2'

“Survivor 46” finale exclusive deleted scene shows 'final several minus 2'

Jelinksy lives in a clip cut from the final episode.

We love Survivor for the drama, and the blindsides, and the adventure, and the challenges, and its sometimes sassy host. But Survivor is filled with lots of quiet moments. Between the athletic contests, and the trips to places where good things happen, and the Tribal Councils, there are times where the players can just relax (a bit) and take in the majesty of Mother Nature.

Which brings us to a scene from the Survivor 46 finale that ended up on the cutting room floor. It includes one of those quiet moments that kicked off day 24 that you didn’t see in the episode, but we have this exclusive snippet all cued up and ready for you to enjoy.

The scene begins on the beach as the final five greet the new day, complete with a gorgeous sunrise. Even after all the drama of Maria Shrime Gonzalez having just tried to blindside her number one ally in Charlie Davis, and Charlie having sent her other close ally Q Burdette to the jury, the group seems happy to have made it all the way to the final episode, even referring to themselves as the “finale five.”  Still, they can’t get Jelinsky off their minds. “Are we the final several minus two today?” asks Maria. THE LEGEND OF JELINSKY WILL NEVER DIE!

<p>CBS</p> Ben Katzman, Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Kenzie Petty, Charlie Davis, and Liz Wilcox on 'Survivor 46'


Ben Katzman, Maria Shrime Gonzalez, Kenzie Petty, Charlie Davis, and Liz Wilcox on 'Survivor 46'

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But Ben Katzman is also taking the opportunity to be a bit more reflective and consider how far he and the others have come. “Obviously, it's a dream for a Survivor fan to make final five,” he tells the camera. “And on top of that, I love the final five. We have Kenzie, who is top dog. Charlie is top dog. Liz is like the Tracy Ullman of Survivor, and Maria is a force to be reckoned with.”

Ben is also starting to consider his place in the game, and balancing business with pleasure. “I think my game was one of being trustworthy and social,” he says. “Yeah, it was rough, but I pulled off some moves and made some genuine friends." As for the vibe around camp, Ben compares it to seeing the finish line coming into focus, but needing to also not completely take the foot off the gas. “To me, I'm just in this last week of high school glow, saying goodbye to everybody, but realizing we've got a couple finals left to crack," he says. "And my intuition has told me I can do this all the way to the end.”

<p>CBS</p> Ben Katzman on 'Survivor 46'


Ben Katzman on 'Survivor 46'

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And that he would, even winning the final immunity challenge while completely sleep deprived. While Ben would not end up getting any votes from the jury at the final Tribal Council — eventually falling to winner Kenzie Petty (five votes) and runner-up Charlie Davis (three votes) — he proved he had the mettle (not to mention heavy metal!) to go the distance.

Check out the exclusive deleted scene above, as well as all our other Survivor 46 finale coverage including interviews with the final five and the jury as well as our full episode recap and look ahead to next season.

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