“Survivor 47” host Jeff Probst shares intel on next season of the show

“Survivor 47” host Jeff Probst shares intel on next season of the show

We get our first look at the cast and the logo, along with exclusive scoop from the host.

Sure, we could sit here and talk about the shock and surprise of Maria Shrime Gonzalez voting for Kenzie Petty to win over Charlie Davis. We could marvel at two players teaming up in a challenge like never before to take out the biggest threat. We could applaud a guy massively sleep deprived and suffering from panic attacks and night terrors somehow going on to win the final immunity challenge. But enough about Survivor 46. It’s time to look ahead to Survivor 47!

Survivor 47 just began filming in Fiji about a week ago, but that was just enough time for CBS to put together a sneak peek at the next season of the venerable franchise. At the end of Wednesday’s Survivor 46 finale — after Kenzie was crowned the latest champion, and after the after-show that followed her victory — we were treated to a first look at the cast that will be the next batch of victims… ahem, contestants to put it all on the line in the hopes of achieving reality TV glory.

<p>CBS</p> 'Survivor 47' logo


'Survivor 47' logo

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The teaser, which can be watched above, begins with very dramatic carving and welding, as Jeff Probst explains that “Every Survivor story begins with an empty page. It's up to the players to leave their mark.” But the host and showrunner then turns the proceedings over the players themselves, and we get our first look at the cast.

“I want to forge my own legacy in this game,” explains one hopeful. “I want to be the very first head on the Mount Rushmore of the new era.” Folks like Dee Valladares and Yam Yam Arocho may have something to say about that, but we’ll let it slide.

Among the other players on display? There’s a pageant queen who informs us: “People look at me as an underdog. ‘That's Miss Delaware,’ or whatever. ‘She has nothing more to her,’ and I'm like, ‘I'm a big dog!’”

There’s the anti-Ozzy, who proclaims, “I have no outdoor skills. What am I doing here? I went camping as a cub scout. I threw up and went home.”

And there’s one spicy player who has a bold prediction: “My final words will be: 'I'm 59 and I beat all your asses.'” (The weirdest part about that is she’s actually only 32. Oh, we kid!) Someone also threatens to burn down the island and another contemplates a glorious death, so suffice it to say, it is a colorful bunch.

<p>cbs</p> 'Survivor 47' teaser


'Survivor 47' teaser

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Entertainment Weekly also spoke to Probst exclusively about the upcoming season, which will air in the fall. “We are very excited to bring our fans another season of Survivor featuring 18 new faces who are ready to take on the Survivor adventure,” the host tells EW. “One of the most enjoyable parts of making Survivor is that you spend nearly a year looking for new players and then day 1 arrives and you turn the entire show over to them!”

Since they just began filming, the host has no idea yet how things will transpire, but that’s part of the fun for the master of ceremonies. “We never have any idea what will happen! It’s their game to play and we’ll be there to tell their stories!”

<p>cbs</p> 'Survivor 47' teaser


'Survivor 47' teaser

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