“Survivor ”Recap: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

The ninth episode showed the “top physical threat” falter at the immunity challenge and scramble to stay in the game

<p>CBS</p> Maria, Hunter and Kenzie in episode 9


Maria, Hunter and Kenzie in episode 9

This post contains spoilers from the April 24 episode of Survivor.

In Survivor 46’s “Hide ’N Seek” episode last week, the castaways blindsided Tevin and rid the game of his unused extra-vote advantage after a wildly confusing tribal council for the players and the viewers.

Episode 9, titled “Spicy Jeff,” dealt with the aftermath of Q’s shocking last-minute request to be voted out, which his tribe mates didn’t honor, as well as his decision to tell everyone about Tiffany’s immunity idol.

“Q blew everything up. I’m so mad. I’m pissed,” Kenzie said back at camp, followed by Tiffany exclaiming to Q, “Are you stupid? Are you dumb?”

<p>CBS</p> The nine remaining castaways prepare for a challenge.


The nine remaining castaways prepare for a challenge.

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Meanwhile, tensions escalated between Venus and Hunter, as she confronted him for voting for her, placing himself on the wrong side of the votes since he wasn’t going to vote for his best bud Tevin.

Heading into the immunity challenge, the castaways split up into teams of three. Kenzie, Tiffany and Ben grouped up first to “rock out.” Hunter, Charlie and Maria teamed up next, leaving Q, Venus and Liz as the final trio.

With Hunter being a challenge threat (not to mention having an immunity idol that no one knows about), Q asked Charlie to throw the competition to ensure Hunter doesn’t win the immunity necklace.

Charlie took this info straight to his No. 1, Maria, who also didn’t want to throw the challenge. Instead, Maria set her target on blindsiding Tiffany and sending her to the jury with her idol in her pocket.

<p>CBS</p> Kenzie competes in round one of the immunity challenge.


Kenzie competes in round one of the immunity challenge.

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At the challenge, host Jeff Probst (aka “Spicy Jeff”) predicted Q, Venus and Liz would be the first trio eliminated — and told them to prove him wrong.

Round one involved a balancing beam. That trio did prove Probst wrong, after Kenzie, Tiffany and Ben struggled and became the first group out.

Round two involved building a rope bridge and shooting balls into circles, with Hunter, Charlie and Maria winning and moving on to the final stage.

<p>CBS</p> Hunter, Maria and Charlie compete in round two.


Hunter, Maria and Charlie compete in round two.

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Round three saw Maria eliminated first in a hanging challenge, leaving Hunter and Charlie as the final two competing for the immunity necklace, just like they did in episode 8. Unlike that episode, Charlie was triumphant this time, guaranteeing his spot in the final eight.

“I’m so proud of myself for beating Hunter, the top physical threat of the game,” Charlie said, possibly foreshadowing the target being on Hunter.

Kenzie had other ideas though. Instead of putting votes on Hunter for being a threat or Q for his antics, Kenzie rallied the troops to target Tiffany.

<p>CBS</p> The final nine castaways talk strategy.


The final nine castaways talk strategy.

Kenzie brought in Maria, Charlie, Hunter and Ben to have enough votes to pull off the blindside on Tiffany. However, Tiffany told Charlie she wanted to use her idol to flush it out of the game early, causing a scramble.

Maria, Charlie, Ben and Hunter decided to shelve this blindside, re-directing their votes on Hunter because of his physical prowess.

In the biggest surprise of the episode, Hunter approached Venus (and Q and Liz) and told her about his idol, which she promptly told everyone else.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> Hunter is the 10th eliminated player.

Robert Voets/CBS

Hunter is the 10th eliminated player.

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At the tribal council, Tiffany and Q butted heads, leading Tiffany to divulge Q’s secrets of who he wanted to vote out, which surprised the people mentioned. Players whispered to each other as Probst held deliberations, with the consensus seemingly being they wanted to vote out Q.

Neither Hunter nor Tiffany played their immunity idols.

The initial voting ended in a tie between Q and Hunter, which led to a re-vote that eventually sent Hunter to the jury with his idol in his pocket.

Survivor season 46 airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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