Suspect in deadly Nashville Easter brunch shooting arrested in Kentucky

The man suspected of carrying out a shooting at an Easter brunch in Nashville, which left one dead and four injured, has surrendered to police.

Anton Rucker, 46, handed himself in to authorities on Tuesday, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said on X.

The suspect, who disappeared after the shooting at the Roasted coffee shop on Garfield St in the city, was located in Princeton, Kentucky.

“He came out and surrendered without incident,” MNPD said in its post. “Rucker is being jailed in KY on a fugitive from justice warrant.”

Metro Nashville Police officers had been searching for Anton Rucker since Easter Sunday (MNPD)
Metro Nashville Police officers had been searching for Anton Rucker since Easter Sunday (MNPD)

The shooting happened at around 3pm in Nashville’s Salemtown neighbourhood on Easter Sunday, with Mr Rucker caught on security camera at the scene.

One of the victims, Allen Beachem, 33, died from his wounds.

“There was an altercation between two men at Roasted. Sunday brunch was being served. During that time period, the altercation occurred and escalated, very sharply, to one of the men pulling a gun and firing multiple shots,” MNPD police spokesman Don Aaron said at a press conference shortly after.

“We don’t have any indication that they knew each other at this point.”

The coffee shop was hosting an Easter Sunday brunch on the day of the shooting that featured a DJ and dancing.

Witnesses to the shooting told The Tennessean that they saw parents fleeing the coffee shop with their children after the shooting began.

“Everyone was grabbing the children and running or dropping on the ground,” Dia Settle, one of the witnesses, told the paper. “I got waves of chills because I could tell someone was hurt, just from the sound and that many gunshots.”

Mr Rucker is being held on a fugitive charge at the Caldwell County Jail in Kentucky.