I Swear by This Unexpected $17 Amazon Purchase for Good Hair Days in Windy, Rainy Weather

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It’s 40 percent off for a limited time.

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The first time I noticed a transparent, dome-shaped “bubble” umbrella bobbing around in a rainstorm, I envied the person underneath. She, unlike I (who’d forgotten an umbrella entirely), looked thoroughly composed — dry, coiffed, and unbothered on her stroll through sheets of rain.

I promised myself I’d get my own upon returning home, only to forget entirely once the weather subsided. It wasn’t until a few months ago, when I arrived at a party looking thoroughly rain-rattled with windswept hair (not the sexy kind) and splotchy, mottled skin, peppered with mascara flakes — that I actually decided to snag one for myself. After researching various brands, I settled on an option from Totes, one of the most classic umbrella purveyors. The brand’s Signature Clear Bubble Umbrella has saved countless beauty looks, and much embarrassment.



Shop now: $17 (Originally $29); amazon.com

The Totes Signature Clear Bubble is a clear, plastic, cavernous upgrade to your average umbrella. If you, like I, prefer a polished, intentional beauty look over a melted, drowned-rat vibe, this is absolutely for you. A true shield against the elements, including wind, rain, and snow, the Bubble’s domed canopy extends above the head, all the way down to the collarbone, encircling your entire upper torso in a protective barrier against Mother Nature’s whims.

For visibility’s sake, the Bubble is transparent. It does, however, come in fun tints — and lack thereof, if you consider the minimalistic clear option. I’m partial to the blush hue, (which, at time of publish, happens to be the least expensive of the bunch, and is currently 40 percent off). The holographic option, tempting in its trendiness, is a close second. (Luckily, I know a few beauty-loving friends for whom it’d make a practical, pretty, and unexpectedly delightful present.)

Each shade is composed of a thin — albeit remarkably strong — PVC-free plastic. Draped over the umbrella’s arched aluminum skeleton, the material forms a swooping, 51-inch canopy of protection from the elements, creating a solid, lightweight barrier between your artfully applied makeup and the elements.

Given its shape, the Bubble protects hair, too — much more so than an average umbrella. It features 17 inches of vertical clearance for your head — which, in my experience, provides ample room for even the most voluminous blowouts and sky-high ponytails. My Bubble can, and has, protected fresh blowouts from gusty wind. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a spurt of heavy hail next time I step out with fresh hair. I’m certain my umbrella has me, quite literally, covered.

Shoppers share similar sentiments about the umbrella’s hair and makeup-preserving powers.

“I love it,” one shopper says; ”it protects my hair perfectly even in strong rain.” Another reviewer loves the Bubble for how it keeps their “long, thick curls” protected and dry. Yet another reviewer calls the bubble “Perfect” thanks to how it “protects your makeup and hair,” concluding that they’ll “never go back to regular umbrellas.”

I wholeheartedly agree — and I’d imagine you will, too. To experience the hair and makeup preserving shield that shoppers and I love, shop the Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella.

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