Sydney Sweeney’s grandmothers scored unlikely cameos in her new horror film

Sydney Sweeney’s grandmothers got to see the picturesque landscapes of Italy all thanks to their granddaughter’s… grisly R-rated horror film.

“I flew them to Italy and they got to come visit me on set,” Sweeney said on the “Today Show” on Wednesday, regarding her upcoming scary movie “Immaculate,” which takes place at a convent in the Italian countryside.

“I made them extras as nuns and then I brought them to the premiere in LA and they were just so excited,” the “Euphoria” star added.

Sweeney gave her family matriarchs the ultimate surprise with their trip abroad, telling Jimmy Fallon a February episode of “The Tonight Show” that “they’d never been to Europe.”

“My Grandy’s dream was to go to Italy, she’s never left the country before so I surprised them,” she said at the time.

“Immaculate” stars Sweeney as a devout nun named Cecilia who embarks on a journey at a convent in a remote area of Italy. Her character’s experience quickly becomes a nightmare as she uncovers the horrors of her new home.

“It’s a challenging character, it’s an interesting story,” she said on Wednesday, going on to remark that she is looking forward to viewers seeing the film’s divisive ending.

Acknowledging the potential for it to spur a “mixed reaction,” Sweeney said “I like that. I like when movies or endings create a discussion, a debate. I think that it’s going to be a wild ride for some people!”

Simona Tabasco, Álvaro Morte and Benedetta Porcaroli round out the cast of the Michael Mohan-directed movie.

“Immaculate” will premiere in theaters on March 22.

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