What Are Taco Bell's Fiesta Strips And Are They Still On The Menu?

Burrito with Fiesta Tortilla Strips
Burrito with Fiesta Tortilla Strips - Taco Bell

Longtime Taco Bell lovers may remember the fast food chain's Crunchy Red Strips. These red-colored tortilla chips debuted in June 2003 when they were packed in Taco Bell's Caesar Grilled Stuft Burrito for a limited time. The strips later reappeared in November 2004 when they were included in the Zesty Chicken Border Bowl. They were also featured in the Big Taste Taco and Double Steak Triple Cheese Burrito. Crunchy Red Strips had a long run on Taco Bell's menu until the chain discontinued them in March 2021, though they did reappear once more in July of that year. In December 2021, Crunchy Red Strips were replaced with Fiesta Tortilla Strips: tri-colored tortilla chips that were purple, orange, and red.

If you were worried that these strips have since joined the list of discontinued Taco Bell items we aren't getting back, don't worry. You can find these tri-colored strips in a few of the chain's items, specifically those found on its Cravings Value Menu. These include the Double Stacked Taco and the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.

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Fiesta Tortilla Strips Are Seasoned With A Variety Of Flavors

Taco Bell Fiesta Tortilla Strips bag
Taco Bell Fiesta Tortilla Strips bag - Taco Bell

Fiesta Tortilla Strips add crunch to any Taco Bell menu item you put them on, but they also add lots of flavor. This flavor comes from an array of seasonings that Taco Bell uses to cook the crispy bits of tortilla. The strips themselves are made with corn masa flour, which has a subtly nutty, tangy flavor when fried. They're also made with several vegetable oils, including sunflower oil, safflower oil, and canola oil.

The strips get additional flavor from beet juice, annatto extract, and black carrot juice. The annatto extract infuses the strips with an earthy, peppery flavor, while the black carrot juice lends a sweeter, more earthy element. Many fans enjoy these crunchy, tasty strips layered into countless Taco Bell menu items, but if you want to enjoy them all by themselves, you can also purchase a bag of Taco Bell Fiesta Tortilla Strips from Walmart.

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